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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some more pictures from New Zealand:

Anzac Bay, Waihi North Island. My sister lives in this area,so this was a place I often would visit,
from where this hill where this pictures was taken from,on the other side it looks right over  180deg view across the water,
over the years we have had lots of lovely picnics and barbecues here, it is a very safe beach for kids
This is the Interliner, this is the ship you would sail on to get from The North Island to the South Island,
 it is a lovely trip on a nice day,
but on a bad day when the weather is bad the sea can be very rough,
On a pretty day is just fantastic,and the most beautiful scenery.
Fancy a Bungy jump, did you know it was a New Zealand guy who created the bungy.
Anyway tourists come from all around the World to do a Bungy Jump here.
Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Pininsular North Island, another one of my favourite places,
note how white the sands are.
This is the Buller River South Island,
170 kilometres long, it flows through the Buller Gorge, the most beautiful scenery.
Doubtless Bay, in the far North of the North Island, and look at the beautiful Pohutukawa trees, with
their gorgeous Crimson Red flowers, remember I told you all the flowers bloom at Christmas time,
so we call it the New Zealand Christmas tree.
From the Whakapapa Ski field Mt. Ruapehu looking out to Mt.Ngauruhoe, and Mt.Tongariro
Central North Island. It can get extremely hot here in the Summer,and very cold in the Winter.
These are the New Zealand Sweet Potato, these are Native to NZ and we call them Kumera,
they are not as sweet as the ones we have here in USA.
We use kumera as a vegetable, delicious boiled,baked,
added to a curry etc..they are delicious.
One of the Space Ships a few years ago passing over New Zealand.
Looking down to the left we can see Christchurch up to Nelson at the top of the South Island,
and the tip of Wellington in the North Island, is a pretty cool picture I recon.
Ruakaka Beach in the Far North of the North Island, it is very beautiful Coastlines along these parts, and fantastic fishing too
Well that is all for now, some day soon I shall send you all some more pictures of my lovely homeland New Zealand.
This is our little cottage we own here in Kentucky USA
It is Autumn time now,and the leaves have all turned into gold's/reds/yellow etc
Bye for now,
Arohanui Jacqui