Digital Time and Date

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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Eyestrain is one of the
most common headache
triggers in high-frequency
computer users.

The distance
between the front of a
monitor and our eyes is
called the working
distance. Interestingly, our
eyes actually want to relax
at a point that's farther
away from the screen.

call that location the
Resting Point of
Accommodation (RPA).

In order to see what's on
the screen the brain has to
direct our eye muscles to
constantly re-adjust its
focus between the RPA
and the front of the
screen. This "struggle"
between where our eyes
want to focus and where
they should be focused
can lead to eyestrain and
eye fatigue, which can
eventually trigger a

*There are a few things we
can do to help alleviate
headaches triggered by

*If you're working for
more than 45 minutes, get
up and take a 10-15
minute break. Use that
time to do activities that
don't require focusing on a
monitor like going for a
walk, looking out of a
window or looking down
a long hallway.

*If you're referring to text
on paper while working at
the computer, don't put
the paper down next to
your keyboard. Prop the
page up next to your
monitor so that there is
less distance for your eyes
to travel and less
opportunity for eyestrain.